FFC is an administrative company created to provide administrative services to Quick Service Restaurants and Real Estate holdings. FFC does not own any QSR’s or Real Estate.

Among the services FFC provides are Accounting, Financial, Legal, Human Resources, MIS, Insurance, Real Estate Management and Payroll (through 3rd party providers).

Current FFC Brands:

Carl's Jr.

Green Burrito

Papa John's Pizza


FFC, through its affiliates, provides administrative services to sixty six franchised Carl’s Jr. and Carl’s Jr./Green Burrito Restaurants in Southern California; the combined affiliates make up the largest franchisee set in the Carl’s Jr. system. FFC also provides administrative services for 14 Papa John’s Pizza locations in Southern California and 18 Denny’s Restaurants in the state of Washington.

FFC has earned wide recognition and awards from the restaurant industry for its outstanding operations. In the 2007 Restaurant Franchise and Monitor rankings of the top U.S. restaurant franchisees based on sales volume, FFC ranked 52nd; the rankings however only included the Carl’s Jr. and Papa John’s Pizza restaurants, as FFC only started administering Denny’s Restaurants in June, 2007. With Denny’s inclusion, it is expected that FFC will reach the top 40 in 2008 and beyond.

FFC’s future growth will derive from the addition of restaurants through acquisitions and development of existing and new concepts. FFC is in the process of developing an administrative platform able to support up to 250 locations. If you are interested in joining FFC, please click on the Jobs link – we are continuously looking for talented individuals in a wide range of capacities.